A Pataphysical Introduction

You might know me.

When you went to see Ringo, Paul McCartney, The Who, Ray Davies, Robbie Krieger, Ray Manzarek, Roger Waters, Jorma Kaukonen, Hot Tuna, Zero, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Jefferson Starship, Country Joe McDonald, or CSN sometime after the year 2000, I was that one girl under thirty.

You might have seen me in a bookstore, frantically searching for the autobiography of a musician that people my age shouldn’t have heard of, or despondently looking up from some music magazine because I found a mistake in their Pink Floyd article.

If you’re over a certain age, you might have stopped me on the street to tell me I looked like everyone you went to high school with. That is altogether possible. On the other hand, no matter your age, I might’ve stopped you, because you were wearing a terrific band shirt, and I had to applaud your choice.

I’m Lily, a representative of the next generation of rock n’ roll highschooler. “Obsessed” is a weird and loaded word, but I will say that the music of the 1960s and 1970s (SOME of it, anyway) has shaped me and my life an unimaginable amount. Listening to it and studying it ties with writing as my greatest passion. So that explains the blog. The music I hope to discuss here has kept me going for over half of my life, and I don’t believe it will ever stop, so instead of bombarding people who don’t want to hear about it, I’ve decided to channel my rants into this thing for the world to see.

I am willing to say with a relatively straight face that I have a lot of knowledge. Obviously, at sixteen, I wasn’t there, but I try to do everything I can to learn about the music I love– the stories behind it, and perhaps even more interestingly, the people. I love to track entire countercultures, entire movements, from their nebulous beginnings  to the bitter end– provided there is an end. I learn dates, addresses, the hard facts. I’ve managed to interview some survivors from the scenes I love– musicians, and others– and I will post my interviews with them on here too.

While I am sure this blog will be heavy on the things that I find inspiring, wonderful, and amusing, I will not shy away from the sizable portion of rock history that is brutal, disgusting, and vicious. Which brings me to my next point:

This will not be a blog for pure fangirling. Don’t get me wrong, there are many songs that have moved me to tears, and many artists who I absolutely cannot ever get enough of, yet I also plan to talk about things I don’t like. I hate having uneducated opinions, and I have many of them. This will give me an opportunity to, for instance, defend my dislike of ABBA outside of just stating it– something I have not, as of yet, done all that intelligently. I might talk about modern music too. When I feel I’m qualified, I’ll try to say something you haven’t heard.

So that was my Pataphysical Introduction. If you recognized that reference to the wonderful unclassifiable-jazz-psychedelic 60s group, The Soft Machine, I hope you’ll read on. And if you didn’t, I encourage you to read on all the same.